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Fiscal Representation

Our service includes fiscal representation until you decide. We do not charge for any renewal of the service.

Free Guide

Together with the NIF we will send you for FREE a super complete useful guide with important information for new taxpayers and other issues related to foreigners residing in Portugal.


We guarantee to obtain your NIF or your money back.


Necessary documentation

Valid passport (any nationality)

It can also be an ID if you are a European citizen.

Proof of address outside Portugal.

For children under 18 years of age also
a birth certificate is required

Steps to follow to apply for your NIF

1Register and fill in the form with your details.

2Make the payment of 85,00 euros (TAX included, we accept credit cards and PayPal).

3In approximately 10 days you will receive an email informing you that your NIF is ready and you will be able to download the file.



Frequently Asked Questions

It is the Portuguese Tax Identification Number, necessary for any economic activity. This number is required for residents and non-residents who wish to work, buy a property, a car, open a company or even a bank account in Portugal.

Hola Portugal will be responsible for being your fiscal representative, preparing your documents and sending them to the Tax and Customs Authority to apply for your NIF. Once we receive your NIF, we will send you the document. As a tax representative, we are obliged to inform you of any correspondence you receive from the Tax Authority.

It will be a PDF document sent to us by the Tax Authority, containing not only your NIF number and full name, but also some personal details. It will also contain the details of your tax representative.

Citizens and residents of third countries need to have a tax representative to obtain a NIF. This representative can be any person with tax residence in Portugal.

According to our experience, 90% of the NIFs are issued in approximately 10 days. However, Hola Portugal cannot guarantee an exact date because much of the process depends on the timing of the Tax and Customs Authority, the entity in charge of assigning the NIF.

In case you have opened a bank account in Portugal without a TIN, it is very likely that the bank has assigned you a provisional bank TIN. Once you apply for a permanent TIN, the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority must first cancel the bank TIN and then assign you a permanent TIN. In these cases, the process will take a week or more.

The service has a value of 85,00 euros(TAX included). It is a one-time payment and does not require renewal of the service.

Seniors: Valid passport and proof of address in your country of residence (Not Portugal).
Minors: Valid passport, passport of father, mother or legal guardian, birth certificate, proof of address.

Hola Portugal only charges for the fiscal representation once, we do not charge for any renewal.

No. The NIF is a permanent number and has no expiration date. It does not represent any maintenance cost for the simple fact of having it.

To obtain a NIF with fiscal representative, through our services, only addresses abroad are accepted, either in the European Union or in third countries. We are not allowed to issue NIFs to residents in Portugal. You can make the change once you have your NIF, by presenting a proof of address to the Tax Authority proving that you have lived or will live in Portugal for more than 180 days. Example: work contract or rental contract.

Yes, it will be necessary to send documentation of the minor and the responsible adult, as well as a birth certificate.

Together with your NIF document, we will send you instructions on how to register on the Portal. The password will be sent by post to our address, and we will send it to you digitally.

Yes, you can do it completely online from our website, and you don't need to be in Portugal.

Whenever you want, as it has no expiry date.


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